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Susan Manter-Bolen paints surreal and symbolic images as well as landscapes in acrylic, appreciating the possibilities for abstraction and vivid and compelling color combinations. Outside scenes seem to form themselves out of geometric shapes and have a distinct look to them not seen elsewhere.

The methodology used in creating the intuitive images consists of reviewing books on mythology, psychology, (Jungian), heraldry, alchemy, symbolism, illuminated manuscripts and the history of the Middle Ages, history in general, art and current art magazines, prehistoric art, and various cultural folk traditions. Her notebooks of ideas span over 7 years. She sometimes will use an image as originally encountered, but more often creates her own interpretation and synthesis with other images.

She is fascinated by the traditions festivals and rituals associated with the wheel of the year, the changing seasons, and the moments of transition when the veil between the worlds is thin.

Her goal is to create great art imbued with the themes of transformation, regeneration, renewal, vitality and relevance.