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This little piggy goes to the farmer's market with his reusable produce bags.

Join the Plastic-Free Revolution. Cloth, Mesh and String Produce Bags are all the rave right now! If your house is over-flowing with plastic bags, BAN THE PLASTIC! Since our home started using reusable produce & grocery bags we've had no plastic mess swallowing up our home. Plus they are way cooler and strike up conversation! We will look back and wonder why we ever had single-use products to begin with.

Whatever your produce needs are, we've got a bag for you.

The rePETe™ produce bag is made of 94% recycled content & is best for broccoli, carrots, celery and squashes because the material locks in moisture and restricts airflow. The Mesh rePETe™ bag is made with recycled materials that allow the ripening gas (ethylene) to escape, keeping your apples & potatoes fresher longer. The hemp/cotton produce bag absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow, perfect for green beans, nuts & grains.

The Mesh Produce Bag set includes 3 large and 1 snack size. The organic cotton string bag is wonderful for fruit! Hang this one up to allow air movement around your fruit.